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Warner Music Group suffered three-month long Magecart attack

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Warner Music Group has revealed that between 25 April and 5 August this year, hackers compromised a number of its US-based e-commerce websites and stole the personal information of users who purchased items on the compromised sites.

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Emotet malware - new 'Red Dawn'

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The Emotet botnet has begun to use a new template for their malicious attachments, and it is just as dangerous as ever.

After a five-month "vacation," the Emotet malware returned in July 2020 and began to spew massive amounts of malicious spam worldwide.

These spam campaigns pretend to be invoices, shipping information, COVID-19 information, resumes, financial documents, or scanned documents.

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Malware authors trick Apple into trusting malicious Shlayer apps

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The authors of the Mac malware known as Shlayer have successfully managed to get their malicious payloads through Apple's automated notarizing process.

Since February 2020 all Mac software distributed outside of its Mac App Store must be notarized by Apple to be able to run on macOS Catalina and above.

The notarization process requires developers to submit software they built for the macOS platform to be scanned through Apple's notary service, an automated system designed to scan submitted software for both malicious components and code-signing issues.

If they pass this automated security check, the apps are allowed by the macOS Gatekeeper - a macOS security feature that checks if downloaded apps have been checked for known malicious content - to run on the system.

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