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InterPlanetary Storm cross-platform P2P botnet discovered

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IPStorm's ability to infect Android, macOS and Windows devices as well as those that are Linux-based makes it much more dangerous.

What sets this botnet apart from others is that it's built on top of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a protocol for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system.
This means the infected devices become part of a peer-to-peer network and talk directly to each other, giving the botnet more resilience against takedown attempts

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German-made FinSpy spyware package discovered

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FinSpy is a commercial spyware suite produced by the Munich-based company FinFisher Gmbh.
Since 2011 researchers have documented numerous cases of targeting of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) - including activists, journalists, and dissidents with the use of FinSpy in many countries, including Bahrain, Ethiopia, UAE, and more.

Amnesty International's Security Lab tracks FinSpy usage and development as part of our continuous monitoring of digital threats to Human Rights Defenders.

While continuing research into this group's activity, new samples of FinSpy were discovered to be distributed for Microsoft Windows through a fake Adobe Flash Player download website.

Through additional technical investigations into this most recent variant, Amnesty's Security Lab also discovered, exposed online by an unknown actor, new samples of FinSpy for Windows, Android, and previously undisclosed versions for Linux and MacOS computers.

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Black Friday Cyber risks

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The shopping season which begins on Black Friday rolling over to Cyber Monday, is actually one of the most critical times for online retailers. During this period promotions are offered, new products are launched, and the shopping websites themselves invest all their resources to increase the volume of purchases. Unfortunately, as they say, along with the opportunities, come the risks. 

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