Supercharging your AppSec testing automation with NexDAST


Supercharging your AppSec testing automation with NexDAST

Is your software security testing just another bottleneck?
Are you maturing your DevOps processes?
Relying on expensive manual AppSec testing?
Do you want to add security testing to your development pipelines?

Many companies understand the importance of software security testing but don't know how to improve it. They are often manual, expensive, of limited quality and are only executed as a snapshot.

Do you recognize this problem? And would you like to make AppSec security testing part of your development process and DevOps automation?


Oliver Moradov, VP at NeuraLegion, and Tiennot van Dilst, CTO at Cert2Connect, will be demonstrating how you can achieve security testing automation as part of your DevOps and CI/CD pipelines. Regardless of your maturity level or stage of your DevOps journey: see now what the latest generation Dynamic Application Security Testing improves for you!

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