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We willen u graag op de hoogte houden

Regelmatig publiceren we hier wetenswaardigheden over de laatste cyber- en cloud security ontwikkelingen en nieuwe cyber threats. Via het pop-up venster kun je je aanmelden voor een email alert zodra er een nieuw blog verschijnt. Uiteraard vallen alle verstrekte gegevens onder onze privacy policy, te vinden elders op deze site.

Third Party Risk Assessment Fatigue - Why should you care?

It's no secret that companies are increasingly relying on third parties for their product and services that they use in their operations. As a result, companies often have to share confidential information with these third parties and vendors.

This makes third-party risk assessment crucial for any business. In other words, it should be one of its top priorities. It's simple, when companies share their confidential information with third parties, they open themselves to the risk of data breaches and a variety of other cyber security risks.


Assessment fatigue is a term that originates from the medical world. It describes the false symptoms someone may show when they’re exposed to too much diagnostic testing. In other words, a patient may experience symptoms of a disease if they’re constantly tested for it, even though they don't have the disease.

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Boosting Red and Blue Team Effectiveness with Cyber Attack Simulation

One of cyber security professionals' biggest fears is not knowing what they don't know. Even with the most comprehensive security controls and processes in place, it's difficult to know if they're working as expected. That's why many organizations are using blue team and red team exercises for security control validation.

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The Key Threats and Risks That Third-Parties Create to Websites

Third-party apps on websites present potential threats and risks that may affect the security and privacy posture of your website. For your customers, your website is the front end of your organization.

In today’s digitally connected world, websites play a major part in almost every company’s success, and yours is no different. Websites often integrate third-party tools to make themselves more dynamic and interactive, and for offering smooth connectivity to their customers.

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