All your content in the cloud continuously and adequately protected

Do you want to be sure that the information in your cloud application is unreadable to others? Prevent unauthorized data discloure or theft of data and sensitive information by improper third party access to all your messages and files.

Get ready for the new EU Privacy/GDPR regulation and a profound obligation to report data breaches by good compliance and reduce your risk of data leakage of confidential messages, information and files.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)  Security Implementation Guidance indicates that it is crucial that the client - not the cloud service provider - is responsible for the security and encryption protection controls of his own organization. In addition, the CSA guideline provides that once the data is sent to a cloud service provider, it is stored, sent and processed in a secure manner.

Applying Vaultive provides full encryption of the data (in-transit, at-rest and in-use) in the cloud and cost effective management without additional software installation on user devices or change in user experience while using the application. Moreover, the encryption keys remain entirely in your own possession and meet CCM V3.0 Control ID EKM-04.

Features and advantages of Vaultive

> 1. The functional solution architecture
The functional solution architecture

The Vaultive cloud encryption platform is built on a proxy architecture consisting of a software-based solution that can run on standard physical hardware or a virtual image, and can be deployed either on premises or at a trusted third party. Vaultive is stateless, and operates as a network-level gateway.

> 2. Working as usual
Vaultive preserves the rich functionality of Exchange (including the ability to support full Outlook client and server features such as tasks, calendaring and delegation). The Vaultive solution is transparent to the end user. Vaultive maintains the user experience with no changes to user behavior. Mailbox, calendar, tasks, personal files and public folders can all be encrypted.

Vaultive is implemented seamlessly into existing security and IT processes in order to deliver flexibility in deployment and integration scenarios. Vaultive provides several tiers of integration and compatibility with the Exchange Online and the Microsoft cloud environment, including Exchange Online’s native functionality such as eDiscovery and archiving; administration and management for Office 365 (including supporting an outbound PowerShell interface and Microsoft Active Directory integration).

It applies too for the other cloudapplications like Dynamics CRM Online, Yammer, Box Enterprise, Skydrive Pro and other Saas platforms supported by Vaultive, like SharePoint Online and SAP Succesfactors
> 3. Data security and risk mitigation
Vaultive's cloud data security capabilities thoroughly isolate data from unauthorized access or targeted attacks because cloud data is encrypted for the entire duration of their life cycle (storage, transport and processing) in which the organization retains control and ownership over the encryption keys.

Only useless encrypted text is visible for an evil entity that has gained access to the data, whether it is a hacker or a malicious employee who works for the cloud service provider. This also applies to the case of mixed data in a virtual environment with multiple clients where other client organizations are only exposed to useless encrypted text.
> 4. Makes regulatory compliance easier
Compliance with regulatory requirements for data protection safeguards is effectively addressed through Vaultive’s patent-pending persistent encryption technology that combines industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption with additional layers of security, while the organization’s IT department retains control of the encryption keys. While in the cloud, the data always remains encrypted, whether in-transit, at-rest or in-use.

Vaultive effectively extends encryption to cloud applications that do not provide them natively.
> 5. Prevents unauthorized data disclosure
By law, cloud service providers are compelled to comply with a data disclosure request – whether a subpoena or a court order – from law enforcement authorities. In some instances, they might not be in a position to notify the end-user of the disclosure.

Where Vaultive’s encryption of data-in-use is in place, the cloud service provider will hand over encrypted data, that can be only decrypted with the key held by the end-user organization or trusted third party. The net result is that these subpoenas or other requests will be directed to the company that owns the data, exactly as it takes place today for on-premise data.
> 6. International privacy and data residency regulations
Multi-national organizations are faced with the challenge of complying with a multitude of growing privacy and data residency regulations. Compliance often mandates adding costly infrastructure in each jurisdiction, resulting in a sharp increase in costs and decrease in efficiency.
For many cloud providers, duplicating their infrastructure in multiple jurisdictions is cost prohibitive and undermines their value proposition. However, in the absence of a mechanism
to maintain control over private data, end-users are not in a position to comply with these regulations.
Vaultive can support multiple instances of the appliance in geographically distributed environments. Organizations with multiple data residency requirements can deploy and maintain an instance of Vaultive in each jurisdiction. Data is encrypted by Vaultive in each jurisdiction per the requirements and regulations of the territory, and encryption keys are held within that territory.
> 7. Integrates into existing business environments
Vaultive integrates with enterprise services including Active Directory Federation Services, archival systems and enterprise backup solutions. Additionally, Vaultive’s data controls are designed to operate in tandem with standard email security technology such as malware and anti-virus protection provid­ed through Office 365 and Exchange Online.

Vaultive was designed and built to scale and can be deployed either on dedicated appliances or on virtual machines. Depending on the requirements, Vaultive can be deployed as a network level proxy in a number of configurations, including behind the VPN, at the DMZ or at a third-party location. As the data traverses the proxy, it is encrypted at the edge of the trusted network before it is transported to the cloud service provider. The data is decrypted as it traverses the proxy on the return leg to the user.
> 8. Seamless to end-users and the cloud service provider
Vaultive is deployed and managed by an organization’s IT de­partment. It is completely seamless to both end-users as well as the cloud provider. The Vaultive deployment is entirely agentless and does not require a client application.

End-users continue to use their email exactly as they did before and no user training is necessary. Likewise, no changes are required at the Exchange server operating at the cloud service provider. Core server-side processing is preserved, such as search, sort, indexing and the ability to generate reports..

Out of the box installation of the Vaultive software appliance for existing and new mailboxes in Office365 or Hosted Exchange.
> 9. Persistent encryption technology and key management
Vaultive preserves certain characteristics of the data so that it can be searched, sorted, indexed, and otherwise processed in the cloud without ever being decrypted. Vaultive utilizes its patent-pending form of cryptographic data to complement industry standard 256-bit AES encryption.

Vaultive’s out-of-the-box deployment calls for a single key, enabling IT to extend the same level of control over data in the cloud as it has over on-premise deployments. If needed, Vaultive can support additional granularity for either a specific group of users or defined geographies. Vaultive provides a complete system for securely deploying, managing, revoking, and rotating keys.

Choose for optimal protection of your data inthe cloud

Go for Vaultive's persistent encryption: maintain cloud data ownership and control

With Vaultive for Office 365/Hosted Exchange, Yammer, Dynamics CRM Online, Box Enterprise, Sky Drive Pro and other Saas platforms organizations can finally take advantage of the cloud while retaining full ownership and control of sensitive data. Unique is Vaultive's implementation of 256-bit AES encryption which data-in-rest, data in transfer and data-in-process encrypts in a format that can be searched, sorted and indexed, wherein the organization has control over the encryption keys.

The cloud provider manages and only processes encrypted data. Leakage of readable data through malicious and unauthorized access by third parties is thus excluded. Also unsolicited without your knowledge and consent providing your cloud content to official bodies is therefore excluded.

With implementation of the solution Vaultive you comply with the best practices guidance of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) for email security in the cloud. You bring your organization in line with compliance and privacy guidelines including WBP, NEN7510, PCI and other laws and regulations.

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