Use the Cynet360 Advanced Threat Detection and Response Platform

Frontline Detection for the Enterprise: Cynet versus Ransomware and other APTs

The Cynet 360 platform rapidly detects and responds to cyber threats – including Ransomware – that originate in files, endpoints, networks and at user level, and provides full visibility throughout the enterprise. Cynet enables auto-remediation, and can be quickly deployed across the organization in as little as 60-minutes.

Cynet 360 is an agentless solution and comprehesince platform that accurately detects sophisticated cyber-attacks including Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Cynet uses a unique approach to detecting threats, which includes the correlation and analysis of indicators across files, users, networks and endpoints.

It provides full visibility across attack vectors to detect, investigate & respond to advanced threats and eliminate data silos. Not only does Cynet 360 provide the necessary tools and capabilities in a one platform, it is wrapped with 24 hour monitoring and forensics expertise to augment your team when it needs it most. This approach enables Cynet to detect and stop potential threats, anomalies and unsigned malware that have never been seen before, enabling them to bypass existing detection solutions.
Detect Multi Vector Threats with Cynet
Traditional or even "next generation" Cyber Security technologies are focused on a single threat vector (i.e. File, End User, System, Network, Machine). This limits their ability to detect or support investigation of advanced or even commodity attacks. Today’s advanced threats are multistage and multi vector attacks. By correlating all vectors Cynet 360 is able to connect the evidence to detect and provide visibility to all the stages of an attack.

Deception - Divert, Trap, Engage
Cynet has integrated Deception capabilities into the 360 Platform as one of the methods to detect insider threats (behavioral detection is another). From the management console decoy files, folders and settings can be easily deployed in the production environment. When these are accessed by the attacker the security team is alerted and can choose to illuminate the threat or engage in intelligence gathering activities.

Response and Remediation
Cynet provides multiple remediation capabilities which can be used as a manual or automated attack response. Cynet understands that different types of systems, users and attacks require different responses so a policy engine provided to customize the appropriate response based on the target, attack type, severity and risk level.

Forensics and Incident Investigation
When an attack occurs it is critical to have accurate, accessible intelligence and data in an easy to understand format. Cynet provides comprehensive alerts that classify attack type, time line and an evidence package so timely accurate decisions can be made. The system also provides historic evidence from across the environment to support extensive post event analysis. Cynet 360 provides Static and Dynamic analysis capabilities as well as deep forensics insight and details about each object with the timeline of all events related to that object.

Your benefits
  • Cynet provides precise detection and auto/remediation of Ransomware in as little as 2-seconds.
  • Agentless, requires minimal IT resources, rapidly deploys as persistent, or as Incident Response.
  • Scans thousands of workstations and servers 24/7 for full protection against unknown threats.
  • All-in-one solution correlates and analyzes indicators across networks, endpoints,  les and users, detecting threats prevention solutions missed.
  • 24/7 team of SOC experts signicantly reduces false / positive ratio.
  • Due to 360’s self-learning algorithms and because no endpoint installation is required, Cynet 360 can go from "out of the box" to enterprise wide visibility, detection and response in hours rather than weeks and months.



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