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Cyber & Cloud Security Best Practices

Cert2Connect provides solutions and professional services in the field of information security and risk management, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Mobile platforms. We advise and support companies and organizations that want to align their ICT environment with 'Best Practices' for cloud and cyber security.

Cert2Connect stands for assurance of security for cloud services and internal business when it comes to cost-effective measures and solutions to reduce the risks, to get more in control and also to preserve the trust in doing business via the Cloud. Among others it is based upon the practical guidelines of the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance).

The many years of experience of our professionals in IT and information security guarantees an optimal implementation and customer satisfaction. We work with reputable and innovative suppliers. We are ready for you to fulfill your specific requirements for working securely, either in or outside the cloud.

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Infosecurity.NL 2017 - See our intro movie and go to our newsitem for a 360 degree view


  • Cyber & Cloud Security

  • Adaptive Multifactor Authentication

  • Identity & Data Security

  • Cyber Threat Detection & Response

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Service

  • Application Security Testing

  • Securing Agile Development

  • Security-as-a-Service

Application Security - SOURCE CODE ANALYSIS

Do you need more secure software?

Improve your SDLC & Continous Delivery implementation:
Application Security Testing that developers love using

A business that wants to provide users the tranquility to do secure business via Cloud, SaaS, Mobile and Web applications should be able to rely on well-developed software without security vulnerabilities. A company or provider does not want to suffer from reputation damage with consequences such as loss of confidence or financial loss - even in the worst case the loss of the entire business.

Detecting timely programming errors in software development saves costs for mitigation. The one using this Source Code Analysis Solution for early scanning of non-compiled code achieves greater effectiveness than with other scanning tools. Furthermore, Checkmarx is characterized by favorable operating costs. Available as On-Premise and On-Demand versions, suitable for any kind of Software Development Lifecycle and large or small software development.

See the detailed information about Checkmarx

IDENTITY SECURITY - 2-factor, Adaptive & Behavorial Biometrics Authentication

Adaptive multifactor authentication and Single-Sign-On: simple and cost-effective

More control with SecureAuth  Identity Provider™ (IdP) for Cloud, Mobile and Web security: simple, unified, extensible.

The traditional technology of separate authentication and Single-Sign-On (SSO) products will not work for cloud and mobile. Now there is a better, more uniform way to maintain and expand the corporate Identity Governance for cloud and enterprise applications.

SecureAuth IdP turns every organization into an identity provider that can enforce identity, governance and access control in a single, cost-effective solution by combining SSO and 2 - and 3-factor into one platform for cloud, VPN, mobile and web applications authentication. Simple secure access to company information based on X.509 digital certificate technology without hardware tokens and software installation on tablet, smartphone or laptop.
See the detailed information about SecureAuth

CYBER SECURITY - Threat Detection & Remediation

Are you ready against unknown threats?

Advanced Persistent Threat attacks are invisible to existing security controls - precise detection plus auto-remediation of Ransomware

With years of extensive experience and research in both Offensive and Defensive cyber security, Cynet has created a holistic approach to cyber defense. The Cynet 360 solution is based on a comprehensive Collection of Indicators, Automated Analysis Processes and Expert Human Analysis.

Cynet 360 is an agentless solution that accurately detects sophisticated cyber-attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).It identifies Zero Days, Unsigned Malwares such as Rootkits that bypass all existing security controls and run a malicious code on workstations and servers, without flooding the IT with inconclusive 'gray' findings.

For more information go to the Cynet info page.

Infosecurity.NL 2017 -

Infosecurity.NL 2017 - See our intro movie and go to our newsitem for a 360 degree view