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Cert2Connect is specialized in advanced digital security solutions and services, making a difference for organizations in need for a next level in protecting their assets and a holistic security approach in this era of digital transformation.

Our vision is making digital security convenient for use, adaptive, automated and more efficient to manage. Whether on-premises, in the Cloud or both, our solutions deliver an incredible array of industry-leading capabilities enabling organizations in every sector doing their digital business with tranquility.

Our focus is on digital identity authentication and access control, holistic security for handling cyber threats, and software security in DevSecOps & SDLC. With innovations that bring our customers a next step ahead in the cyber and cloud security maturity curve, delivering more compliancy with latest regulations and industry security standards.

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Infosecurity.NL 2018

Infosecurity NL, Data & Cloud Expo 2018

Visit us at booth 01.C94 for innovations on DevOps, Cyber & Cloud Security.

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  • Adaptive Authentication

  • Identity Security Automation

  • Threat Detection & Response

  • Threat Security Health Check

  • Application Security Testing

  • Secure Coding & DevOps

  • Game-like AppSec Training


Application Security Testing and Static Code Analysis

Manage Software Exposure at the Speed of DevOps

We deliver a single, holistic Application Security Testing Platform that empowers organizations to deliver secure software faster, more controlled and efficient. The increased complexity of software and the need to keep up with fast-paced release cycles create new types of risk in the form of Software Exposure. Managing Software Exposure is an emerging discipline for eliminating all software-related vulnerabilities to accurately understand and reduce your business risk.

Taking a holistic, platform-centric approach, the Checkmarx Software Exposure Platform builds security in from the start of the SDLC, continuously supporting all stages of the DevOps cycle. We help you moving beyond traditional security testing. And start preparing yourself for future EU legislation on software vulnerabilities.

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Identity Security Automation & Adaptive Authentication

Making secure digital access more simple, convenient and trustworthy

We deliver you flexible identity authentication and access for today, tomorrow, and whatever threat is next. Whether on-premises, in the Cloud or both, SecureAuth’s solutions deliver an incredible array of industry-leading (and often industry-only) capabilities for Adaptive Authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO) and User Self-Service. And with the broadest collection of standards-based APIs, you can implement our comprehensive solutions in days. Fast, flexible, pain-free and continuous - SecureAuth protects you like no one else can.
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Holistic Security for handling cyber threats

Making prevention, detection and response better and efficient

We deliver in a single platform the resilience to your business to prevent attacks, stop breaches and protect the internal network – all made easy. Doing business means facing a myriad of rapidly evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Whether its malware, lateral movement, ransomware or a host of others – through Cynet 360 we keep your organization safe. Remediation of attacks and breaches before damage is done, delivering you 24x7 peace-of-mind through a personalized Cyber SWAT expert team as part of the solution.

And, tailored for small to large organizations for unparalleled enterprise security, you are protected in minutes. It implements, analyzes and detects across thousands of endpoints in under 2-hours. Resolving the need for multiple security solutions it increases efficiency of IT and security operations.

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Infosecurity.NL 2018 -

Infosecurity NL, Data & Cloud Expo 2018

Visit us at booth 01.C94 for innovations on DevOps, Cyber & Cloud Security.

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