AI-powered Dynamic Application Security Testing Platform

NeuraLegion's SaaS solutions seamlessly integrate application security into SDLC, enhancing DevSecOps. Our intuitive, scalable platform enables everyone involved in the process to fully automate application security testing & release faster.

A high level of automation provides you immediate scan results with a prioritized list of issued vulnerabilities - including NO false positives. Allow your team to remediate vulnerabilities straight away - scale up efforts and set the new standard of integrating security into modern development.

NeuraLegion's solutions test for vulnerabilities in everything from web apps to IoT devices, including APIs, Web Sockets, Microservices, and Mobile Applications.

  • Intuitive & fully automated solution: Simple and easy to use, start scanning any target in seconds

  • Hackers at your fingertips: Invents new attack scenarios unique to your app to identify 0days

  • False-positive free reports: Immediate actionable results save you valuable time & money

  • Trusted across the globe: Our solution helps businesses of any size and industry

Making it easier than ever, with no false-positives

NexDAST is a Dynamic Application Security Testing solution, automatically scanning and identifying security vulnerabilities in your Web applications, Mobile applications, WebSockets, Web Services and APIs.

Unlike other DAST solutions, that are only able to detect known vulnerabilities from manually updated lists, NexDAST also calls upon our continually updated proprietary knowledge base of 0-day vulnerabilities detected by NeuraLegion’s AIAST™ technology across our client portfolio, delivering the most comprehensive DAST solution on the market, minimizing your risk. It is agile Application Security Testing at scale.

NexPloit is the world's first AI-powered Application Security Testing solution, generating its own attacks, automating the discovery of your application's zero-day vulnerabilities and Business Logic Flaws. NexPloit is a cloud based solution, requiring no costly integration or complex configuration by security staff. It is the most comprehensive Application Security Testing at scale.

NexPloit reduces the need for manual testing, delivering immediate AppSec automation in the SDLC or as automated application penetration testing. Our language and framework agnostic platform can be used to scan any target, including mobile apps, APIs and IoT. As the only truly false positive free solution on the market, NexPloit delivers immediate and real-time reporting of your vulnerabilities with remediation guidelines, delivering application security at the speed of DevOps.

  • The only scanner that can detect your 0days and business logic flaws
  • Achieve DevSecOps with automated vulnerability detection throughout your SDLC and QA
  • Detect and remediate at the speed of DevOps
  • Release secure applications faster with immediate real time reports and remediation guidelines
  • Slash your costs with Automated Application Penetration Testing
  • Test everything from Dynamic Web Apps, APIs, Mobile Apps, Microservices-based Apps and Protocols.