Software Composition Analysis

Checkmarx Software Composition Analysis (CxSCA)

Today's software is constructed using open source components and third-party libraries, tied together with custom code. Hackers target vulnerable open source components to access sensitive and valuable data, while data protection regulations become more stringent in an effort to encourage better software security practices. While all this is happening, DevOps is taking the world by storm and the burden of securing software is rapidly expanding under the purview of the developers who create it.

Trust us, we get it. You're caught between a strong desire to innovate and a sincere dislike of having your company’s name on the news as “the most recent data breach.”

That's why we made CxSCA, the most effective next-gen software composition analysis solution designed to help development teams ship secure software quickly while giving AppSec teams the insight and control they need to improve your software security risk posture.

Identify Open Source with Confidence

CxSCA quickly scans your software’s codebase to detect open source libraries, including direct and transitive dependencies, identify the specific versions in use, and any associated vulnerabilities and licenses. CxSCA has been architected to minimize false positives, eliminating wasted time parsing through inaccurate results.

Minimize Open Source Security and License Risks

Access summary metrics and detailed breakouts of security risks resulting from vulnerable open source component versions. Visualize potential risks to intellectual property or copyright resulting from open source license conflicts or non-compliance. Evaluate potential risks to operations resulting from shifts in community activity for a given component.

Prioritize Exploitable Vulnerabilities

CxSCA's “exploitable path” capability leverages Checkmarx's industry-leading source analysis technologies to identify the vulnerable components that are in the execution path of the application, allowing you to focus remediation efforts on the open source vulnerabilities that actually pose a threat. Don't worry, CxSCA users get this benefit even without a license to CXSAST.

Accelerate Informed Remediation

Get detailed remediation guidance from Checkmarx's experienced security research team and triage vulnerabilities based on verified exploitability. Optimize your efforts with automatic dependency path visualization and filter out libraries that are used for development but not in production.


Download the whitepaper 'Open Source Cookbook - The Ultimate Guide to Software Composition Analysis'

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