AppSec Awareness Solution

Fueling the SDLC with AppSec Awareness

Training your developers once a year, or even once a quarter, will not achieve that security culture you are after. Raising AppSec awareness simply cannot be thought of as a distinct step in the SDLC. It's all about inserting awareness into every step of the SDLC in a manner that actually fuels faster releases. Codebashing does exactly that - Through the use of just-in-time training, ongoing communication, and fun engagement, security managers cultivate a culture of software security that empowers developers to think and act securely in their day-to-day work.

Learn While Coding

Unlike traditional classroom or video-based training, Codebashing is a hands-on, interactive solution that fits into developers' daily routines. Rather than spending a whole day learning about security vulnerabilities out-of-context, developers receive bite-size, on-demand sessions that are relative to the specific challenges they are facing in their code.

Find and Fix in One Go

Checkmarx offers a unique integration between its Static Application Security Testing solution and secure coding education solution. Vulnerabilities identified by static analysis are linked to practical training lessons, providing quick and pointed remediation guidance. This teaches the developer why the problem happened, how to fix it, and, more importantly, how to prevent making the same mistake again.

Raise the AppSec Bar at Scale

Codebashing allows security teams to raise the AppSec knowledge baseline across the entire development team in a fast, scalable, and positive manner. The philosophy behind the solution is to empower developers long-term, by teaching them how to think and act with a secure mindset, rather than how to solve specific issues. Managers have full control and visibility - they can easily assign specific programming languages courses to their teams and continuously track their progress.

Provide an AppSec Channel of Open Communication

With Codebashing, security teams can keep developers up to date on general AppSec news, organization-wide security announcements, and specific Codebashing activities. Examples include, a weekly security best practice tip, a monthly training reminder, a quarterly security challenge and an annual company secure development guideline.

Comply with Regulatory Standards

Codebashing is compatible with regulatory standards such as the PCI-DSS that requires either “role based security training” or more specifically “developer security training”.

Covers OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

  • 200+ examples of code vulnerabilities
  • 100+ challenge questions
  • 40+ modules across multiple languages and frameworks
  • Management Dashboard for Analytics and Reporting
  • SAML/SSO integration option for frictionless user onboarding


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