The Checkmarx Unified Standards for Enhanced Software Security

Comprehensive Software Security

Only Checkmarx offers a comprehensive central Software Security Platform platform that tightly integrates SAST, SCA, IAST and application security training and skills development.

Best Fit For DevSecOps

Checkmarx leads the industry in delivering automated security scanning as part of the DevOps process.

Delivered 'As You Like It'

Checkmarx solutions are available on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

Checkmarx CxSAST is an enterprise-grade, flexible, and accurate static analysis solution capable of identifying hundreds of security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in custom code; supporting over 25 coding and scripting languages and frameworks, with zero configuration necessary to scan any language.


Checkmarx CxSCA is a powerful software composition analysis solution focused on enabling development and security teams to mitigate security risks present in open source software and third-party libraries within their codebase. Users can identify and prioritize open source vulnerabilities, generate an inventory of open source components and dependencies in use, and evaluate the risk of open source license non-compliance.

CxIAST fills the critical software security gap by leveraging existing functional testing activities to automate the detection of vulnerabilities on running applications. CxIAST is the industry’s first IAST solution that fully integrates with a Static Application Security Testing solution and offers query language, allowing for greater vulnerability coverage and higher accuracy.

Application Security Training for Major Programming Languages and Frameworks

Checkmarx Codebashing e-learning cultivates a culture of software security that empowers developers to take security into their own hands and be comfortable doing so. Leverage just-in-time training to educate developers on specific challenges they are facing, without diverting them from accomplishing their main task – writing secure code quickly.