Any organization that takes itself seriously should employ someone to coordinate its information security strategy. A Chief Information Security Officer is such a high-level cyber securityexpert. Without a CISO, a company flies blind in terms of security.

The bad news: there are two major obstacles.

  1. Good CISOs are scarce
  2. Not every company can do everything itself

Large organizations have various in-house expertise, in the legal field, in terms of HR or ICT. Many smaller companies do not have the capacity to set up their own cyber security at an equivalent professional level.

The good news: you don't have to! With CISO-as-a-Service from Cert2Connect you simply hire this expertise as needed. Do you need to develop and execute a full cyber securitystrategy? Or do you only have a temporary challenge within an existing framework? The use of the C2C-CISO is flexible and of course you only pay for the required service. Our experts have extensive experience in various sectors and can be deployed immediately.


Cybercriminals really don't just target the big boys. They do indeed also have smaller companies in their sights. Having a CISO is therefore certainly not an unnecessary luxury. It is a bitter necessity to have your information security strategically and operationally in order.

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