Red Team

Large scale deployment of internal and external pen testers, the so-called Red Team, for ethical hacks is expensive and time-consuming. In these types of offensive tests, the defending Blue Team is supposed to notice what is happening, and detect and stop the controlled attacks in time. Fully simulating a cyber-attack can be difficult, since actual hacks may take months or even longer. Automating attack simulations solves this problem: organizations are continuously training technology and their organization, and are able to monitor security using dashboards.

Blue team

In many organizations, cybersecurity is carried out by so-called Blue Teams, often in a very defensive way. These traditional security solutions are a good baseline but, because they are siloed, often unable to deal with the newest advanced cyberattacks. Moreover, experienced security experts are scarce, and therefore expensive hires. However, the costs of Security Operation Centers (SOC) can be limited: machine learning platforms automatically make attacks visible in dashboards, so security analysts may concentrate on limiting damage and halting attacks, instead of losing time trying to find out what is happening.


take the
red pill

Purple Team

Blue and red combined make purple: thanks to the powerful combination of our automated and advanced cyber security platforms, we are able to create a Purple Team. This results in better,
stronger security and a defensive team that has learned to think in an offensive way.

Continuous monitoring and testing of your own vulnerabilities, but also for security risks caused by third parties, in order to take immediate action against potential cyber attacks. With our holistic cyber security platforms, you can tackle cyber threats early. With automatic static and dynamic Application Security tests integrated in DevSecOps and SDLC you can roll out secure software
faster, more controlled and more efficiently.

The innovative security solutions of Cert2Connect efficiently provide the means and visibility
to manage security risks through automation: everything you need to be able to do digital business with confidence and to comply with national and international privacy laws and regulations and security standards.


Third Party Application Security for websites
Protect one of your most valuable assets - your web presence

It is the untold ‘supply chain’ challenge on websites: threats caused by third parties make you vulnerable for supply chain attacks. They cause privacy risks, dominate your brand with external code, and you virtually have no control, unless you implement our Reflectiz SaaS more

Continuous Security Validation Across the Full Kill Chain

Automated continuous testing with all results organized in an online dashboard has never been easier and more transparent for security and IT management. Cymulate’s Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) platform is used by security teams to determine their security gaps within seconds and remediate them. Pen-testing, external red teams or other alternatives, by the time you get the report, it’s already outdated by the time you receive more

AI powered Application Security Testing (AIAST)
Enhance DevSecOps with automated Dynamic Appliaction Security testing

NeuraLegion’s intuitive cloud-based DAST platform provides the most comprehensive testing automation, seamlessly integrating into the SDLC & DevOps, through automatically scanning and identifying security vulnerabilities in your Web applications, Mobile applications, WebSockets, Web Services and APIs. With NO False Positives in the reports saving you valuable time & money. more 

Build security into your CI/CD pipeline and release secure software faster

Checkmarx makes software security essential infrastructure: unified with DevOps, and seamlessly embedded into your entire CI/CD pipeline, from uncompiled code to runtime testing. The Checkmarx holistic platform for SAST, SCA, IAST and the AppSec Awareness gamified training SaaS sets the new standard for instilling security into modern more

Streamline your cyber risk assessment processes instantly

Remove the security team bottlenecks and accelerate business processes that require risk assessment. With the Rescana Cyber Risk Management SaaS platform you get an up to date risk score instantly for any Third-Party, automatic on-going discovery of their footprint and continuous compliance tracking with GDPR and other more

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