SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) and SSO (Single Sign-On)

SAML is a standard for exchanging security information between different systems. It is widely used for logging into web applications. SAML allows a user to authenticate on one website or application and then automatically access other websites or applications without having to log in every time.

SSO stands for Single Sign-On, which means that a user can access multiple applications or systems with a single login. SSO uses SAML to exchange the authentication data between different systems.
In practice, this means that if a user logs on to a webmail service, for example, this username and password are also valid for other applications, such as an intranet, a CRM system or an HR tool.

SAML/SSO is widely used by companies and organizations that want to offer their employees a secure and efficient way to log in to various systems and applications. By using SSO, employees do not have to log in every time and they can quickly and easily access the systems they need.

Updated on 07 Aug, 2023