HAR files

HAR files

A HAR (HTTP Archive) file is a file format used to analyze the performance of websites. The file contains a detailed log of all HTTP traffic requests sent and received while a web page is loading.

A HAR file is often referred to as an HTTP archive file or an HTTP traffic log file. It is a useful tool for web developers and testers to diagnose and fix website performance issues.

To create a HAR file, you usually need to open the developer tools in your web browser and select the option to keep a network log. The browser will then capture and save all HTTP traffic requests as a HAR file that can be analyzed using various tools and programs.

HAR files are also useful for debugging network traffic issues and testing APIs and other web applications. Capturing the HTTP traffic makes it easier for a developer or tester to identify and fix the cause of any issues.

Updated on 07 Aug, 2023
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