An "Email Gateway" is a technology solution used to manage, filter and secure emails flowing in and out of an organization. It is a type of security and management platform designed to monitor and control email traffic, both to block unwanted content (such as spam and malicious attachments) and to ensure the security of the email communication.

An email gateway can include several functions, such as:

Spam filtering: Identify and block unwanted, intrusive emails that are often used for advertising or phishing.

Malware and virus detection: Scan email attachments and links to identify and remove malicious software and viruses.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Monitoring and preventing the leakage of sensitive information via email, such as confidential documents or personal data.

Encryption: Secure email communications by using encryption to prevent unauthorized persons from reading the content.

Authentication and anti-phishing: Check for suspicious or spoofed email sources to help deter phishing attacks.

Content filtering: Filter emails based on content, for example to block certain types of files or to enforce compliance regulations.

Archiving: Store and archive email messages for compliance purposes and historical references.

Email gateways are often used as an additional layer of security to minimize email threats and to ensure that email traffic within an organization is managed securely and in compliance with policies.

Updated on 07 Aug, 2023
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