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Cert2Connect BV is the go-to party in the field of advanced digital security solutions, security services and cyber security. Cert2Connect helps large companies and SMEs to achieve a stronger cyber defense and better security risk management.

Our vision is that cyber security:

  • Should be easy to use and manage;
  • needs to be adaptively based on risk;
  • has to be continuous, automated and effective.


How we work

Our advanced security platforms combine the approach of Security Blue (defenders) with automated simulations of Security Red (attackers), in order to reach Security Purple: stronger, better security.

We are continuously monitoring your own vulnerabilities, but also security risks caused by third parties, allowing us to take immediate action against potential cyber attacks. Using our holistic security platforms for cyber defense, you will be able to face cyber threats. Software security in DevSecOps and SDLC is ensured, and adaptive Identity Security is automated.

Whether it is on-premise, cloud or hybrid, Cert2Connect’s innovative solutions offer a comprehensive series of advanced functionalities: everything users need in order to be able to do digital business with confidence.

Who are we?

Cert2Connect, founded by experienced professionals in the IT and information security industry, specializes in advanced digital security solutions and services. Our clients in the Netherlands include both large companies and SME organizations in various sectors, including banks, financial institutions, fintech, telecom, industry, services, offshore, logistics, education, government, software development, SaaS providers and others.

We are partner of Checkmarx, Neuralegion, Reflectiz, Rescana, Cymulate,  Cynet, empow, and SecureAuth; reputable and recognized vendors of innovative leading security technologies.

reinier landsman portret

Reinier Landsman - Managing Director

Reinier Landsman BSc BBA is co-founder and managing director of Cert2Connect with more than 15 years experience in the information consultancy and cyber security sector.
Next to that he also holds additional positions as Chairman of the Cloud Security Alliance Dutch chapter and is a knowledge partner of the CIP platform Grip on SSD.


Our vision is to make digital security easy to use, adaptive, automated and more efficient in security and compliance management


Reinier Landsman