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Cert2Connect BV is a private equity company founded in 2011, specializing in advanced digital security solutions and services. We make the difference for companies and organizations that need a next step in protecting their assets and want a holistic cyber defense approach to improving their security and compliance in this age of digital transformation.

Our vision makes digital security easy to use, adaptive, automated and more efficient to manage. Whether it's on-premise, in the cloud or both, our solutions deliver an incredible array of industry-leading features that allow organizations in any industry to digitally deliver their business with peace of mind.

Our focus is on holistic security for reducing cyber threat risks, testing software security in DevOps / SDLC, automating identity security and adaptive access control. Always taking the customer one step further in the cyber and cloud security maturity curve, offering more sustainability and compliance with the latest regulations and industrial security standards in the digital world of today and in the future.

Wie zijn we?

Cert2Connect, founded by experienced professionals in the IT and information security industry, specializes in advanced digital security solutions and services. Our clients in the Netherlands include both large companies and SME organizations in various sectors, including banks, financial institutions, fintech, telecom, industry, services, offshore, logistics, education, government, software development, SaaS providers and others.

We are partner of Checkmarx, SecureAuth, Cynet, Cymulate, Cycognito, empow; reputable and recognized vendors of innovative leading security technologies.

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Reinier Landsman - Managing Director

Reinier Landsman BSc BBA is medeoprichter en managing director van Cert2Connect met meer dan 30 jaar ICT ervaring, waarvan de laatste 15 jaar in de informatie consultancy en cyberbeveiligingsbranche.
Daarnaast bekleedt hij nevenfuncties als Voorzitter van de Cloud Security Alliance Dutch chapter en is tevens kennispartner van het CIP platform Grip op SSD.


Our vision is to make digital security easy to use, adaptive, automated and more efficient in management

Reinier Landsman