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A Developer First - Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) platform built specifically for developers to create more secure applications and APIs at every stage of development through production.

Security-by-design has gained significant ground in the world of software development in recent years. This is of course a good development, but it offers no guarantees. Software developed according to strict security guidelines can also be vulnerable. Bright – a platform for Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) – is built specifically for software developers.

Bright Solutions

DAST analyzes web applications or APIs through simulated attacks to find weaknesses. DAST tools – also known as “vulnerability scanners” or “web app vulnerability scanners” – attack an application from the outside in. Just as a malicious attacker would. Each scan reports the vulnerabilities found. Most older DAST tools are built for application security professionals. Implementation is complex and vulnerabilities are discovered late in the development process.

Bright, on the other hand, is built specifically for developers and it's optimized for DevOps. It helps them to create more secure applications and APIs and can be deployed from the Unit Testing phase. The tool learns from each scan throughout SDLC and optimizes itself. The condition is that the code must be compiled. This form of security-by-design not only saves time and money, but also significantly reduces the risk of security incidents.

  1. The installation of Bright is literally arranged in a few minutes. Naturally, the application security professionals of Cert2Connect can, if required, assist with the commissioning and the interpretation of the report
  2. The scans are performed quickly and iteratively. Critical security vulnerabilities are thus identified early in the SDLC. Thanks to Bright's unique approach, you only scan the relevant parts of an app, so you don't have to slow down the build process - not even for unit testing! If a scan detects a problem, the developer receives easy-to-follow remediation guidelines.
  1. Bright automatically verifies whether the detected vulnerabilities can actually be exploited. As a result, practically all false positives are filtered out. Developers will waste little to no time chasing ghosts.
  2. Bright works with existing CI/CD pipelines. You can request a scan with any unit-tested build. It also automatically adds tickets to Jira, GitHub, Azure Boards, GiLab, and other systems.


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Bright is a developer-first Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanner empowering AppSec & Devop teams to find and fix vulnerabilities at every step in the SDLC, without slowing them down

Focus Application Security

The Unique Vendor Value of Bright’s  Dev-Centric DAST Solution

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) is a security testing
methodology to evaluate the security of an application or API. DAST operates in a compiled or a running state by actively interacting with the application.