Our offensive meets defensive based services

We create a Purple Team through a powerful combination of automated cyberhacks and advanced security platforms. This results in stronger, better security by a defensive team that has learned to think offensive.

With continuous testing by specialist Cyber Defense security platforms, you can overcome cyber threats, actively check for possible data and privacy leaks and Software Security in DevSecOps and SDLC is assured.

Purple Team Services

Purple Team Services

We provide advice on how organizations can better protect themselves in a more offensive manner, using automated security tests. We teach organizations how to deploy security platforms such as Website Third Party Risk Monitoring and Mitigation, Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management, Cyber Breach & Attack Simulation and AI Application Security Testing to provide their Blue Team more insight about attacks, but also teach them to detect them faster. This includes supervised phishing campaigns, which are initially carried out by Cert2Connect and described in a customized improvement plan. Later we train organizations how to do this by themselves. Organizations should, however, be aware that this service is not a replacement for a Red Team / Blue team, but is solely intended to make security more mature. This allows for a faster and more adequate response to incidents.

Webapplicatie Security Testen in SSD & DevSecOps

Webapplication Security Testing in SSD & DevSecOps

For many organizations it is a challenge to make a choice between pen testing and SAST, DAST and / or IAST for Secure Software Development (SSD) and DevOps processes. There are often misconceptions about what security testing does, when to do it, and what solutions to use. We have published for these people a whitepaper in which a number of the different testing techniques and automations are explained, with an explanation why in many cases it is not enough to implement just one software security testing technique. Download our Dutch whitepaper written by a practical expert via the button below.

In addition to the delivery of software security test platforms, we help software developers with the development of a schedule and policy for application pen testing and the use of source code reviews or automatic dynamic and/or static security tests. In addition, we plot the findings of tooling against to the policy and/or standards applied. As a certified partner of Checkmarx and NeuraLegion, from a managed services portfolio, we offer support and workshops for onboarding applications on these tooling platforms. Refer also our webpage about Software Security.