Onze defensieve diensten

Voor een goede begeleiding bij implementaties en een geslaagde uitrol van onze geautomatiseerde cyber defense of software security platformen.

Quick scan Service

Quick scan Service

Using a baseline review of your organization during a defined period, we check whether and where there are gaps on a technical, organizational and/or human level (GAP analysis). Based on this we provide advice on any shortcomings in the field of cyber security and how they can be improved by automation. We also discuss which of our services can be used to bring your entire organization to a higher level. A Quick Scan is based on interviews with technical departments and security, risk and privacy management.

Privacy datalek analyse service

Privacy leakage Analysis Service

We not only map vulnerabilities in your organization regarding privacy risks, but also find out what information can be leaked, and through which way. This service is modular, and consists of the following parts:

  • Mapping shadow IT and unknown entry points;
  • Identifying which information can be stolen by third parties using public IT;
  • Determining which risks third and fourth parties cause on websites;
  • Making the organization resilient against advanced persistent threats and backdoors;
  • Improving authentication and authorization;
  • Automated and AI-based web application assessments and contrasting outcomes with GDPR / AVG legislation
  • Reviewing processes and issuing GDPR advice
Website Third Party Public Privacy Scan

Website Third Party Public Privacy Scan

Using our Reflectiz Platform, our security professionals scan the public part of your website. For example, they map which third-party scripts are running on your website and with which domains these scripts are connected. In the report you will also find which input fields on your site are monitored, and which data may leave the EU and which privacy risks you may face. You also get an overview of external domains and we report on their status (and whether they pose a risk to your website and your visitor’s data).

Third Party Risico Management Services

Third Party Risk Management Services

Many organizations face security risks caused by the supply chain, or third parties. By using our automated Rescana and Reflectiz platforms, our security experts map the third parties of an organization. The selected platforms are then adjusted based on internal supplier policy. Policy adjustments may then be advised.

Security Monitoring Health Check

Security Monitoring Health Check

Together with your security organization, our professionals take a closer look at your security monitoring process and the associated tooling. They check whether the processes and technology have been properly set up, after which you’ll receive a report that matches your policy and vision.