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Thanos Ransomware: Destructive Variant

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An attack on two state-run organizations in the Middle East and North Africa was observed that ultimately installed and ran a variant of the Thanos ransomware.
The Thanos variant created a text file that displayed a ransom message requesting the victim transfer "20,000$" into a specified Bitcoin wallet to restore the files on the system.

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Warner Music Group suffered three-month long Magecart attack

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Warner Music Group has revealed that between 25 April and 5 August this year, hackers compromised a number of its US-based e-commerce websites and stole the personal information of users who purchased items on the compromised sites.

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Emotet malware - new 'Red Dawn'

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The Emotet botnet has begun to use a new template for their malicious attachments, and it is just as dangerous as ever.

After a five-month "vacation," the Emotet malware returned in July 2020 and began to spew massive amounts of malicious spam worldwide.

These spam campaigns pretend to be invoices, shipping information, COVID-19 information, resumes, financial documents, or scanned documents.

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