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Payment details of costumers WeLeakInfo leaked: Cause, an expired domain name

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Payment data of 24000 costumers of, a site that offered payed access to leaked and stolen password have been published on the internet because of an expired domain name. The website has been taken offline last year by the FBI.

For several years, WeLeakInfo was the largest of several services selling access to hacked passwords. Prosecutors said it had indexed, searchable information from more than 10,000 data breaches containing over 12 billion indexed records — including names, email addresses, usernames, phone numbers, and passwords for online accounts.

For a small fee, you could enter an email address and see every password ever associated with that address in a previous breach. Or the reverse — show me all the email accounts that ever used a specific password (see screenshot above). It was a fantastic tool for launching targeted attacks against people, and that’s exactly how the service was viewed by many of its customers.

Now, nearly 24,000 WeLeakInfo’s customers are finding that the personal and payment data they shared with WeLeakInfo over its five-year-run has been leaked online.

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Lesje cybersecurity: breng attack surface in kaart

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De voorbije maanden staan bol van de succesvolle ransomware-aanvallen. Bedrijven en organisaties zijn ofwel het zicht verloren op online-aanvallen, of hebben hier nooit grip op gehad.

Hackers gebruiken vaak informatie die openbaar wordt vermeld op de websites van organisaties, om inzicht te krijgen in de netwerkinfrastructuur van de organisatie. Ze gebruiken deze kennis in hun voordeel bij het uitvoeren van aanvallen. Zo verzamelen aanvallers eenvoudig alle aanwijzingen - die openbaar beschikbaar zijn - installeren vervolgens malware en stelen vertrouwelijke gegevens.

It-afdelingen zouden zichzelf daarom het volgende moeten voornemen: spoor alle aanvalsvectors op en reduceer ze tot een minimum.


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White House cites 'active threat,' urges action despite Microsoft patch

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House on Sunday urged computer network operators to take further steps to gauge whether their systems were targeted amid a hack of Microsoft Corp’s Outlook email program, saying a recent software patch still left serious vulnerabilities.

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