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Dutch privacy watchdog fines €475K

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Hotel booking site got hit with a €475,000 fine for being late to report a data breach, the company's lead EU privacy regulator announced Wednesday.

The fine, imposed by the Dutch data protection authority because the company is legally established in Amsterdam, came after criminals stole the personal data of more than 4,000 customers — obtaining the credit card details of nearly 300 victims.

The website received the penalty for missing a 72-hour deadline to report the breach to the regulator, which it did on February 4, 2019 — almost a month after it suffered the breach.


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PHP's Git Server Hacked to Insert Secret Backdoor to Its Source code

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In yet another instance of a software supply chain attack, unidentified actors hacked the official Git server of the PHP programming language and pushed unauthorized updates to insert a secret backdoor into its source code.

The two malicious commits were pushed to the self-hosted "php-src" repository hosted on the server, illicitly using the names of Rasmus Lerdorf, the author of the programming language, and Nikita Popov, a software developer at Jetbrains.

The changes are said to have been made yesterday on March 28.


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Australian broadcasting network needs to cancel live broadcasts because of Cyberattack

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Media giant Nine Entertainment Co has requested the assistance of the Australian Signals Directorate after a major cyber attack hit its broadcast systems in the early hours of Sunday morning.


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