September 19, 2023
Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen
Stationsweg 91
3621 LK Breukelen
AppSec Maturity in DevOps – how to make shift happen

AppSec Maturity in DevOps – how to make shift happen

On the 19th September we organize an exciting afternoon where you will hear from experts and colleagues in the industry on how a shift in DevSecOps could benefit you more to gain AppSec maturity.

We gladly invite you to join us in Hotel Breukelen between 13:00 and 17:00 o’clock.

Are you ready to find and fix flaws faster, maximize your return on investment, and increase developer buy-in? Successful application security requires a well-designed and well-tuned AppSec program in conjunction with security testing products. To create a perfect AppSec program for your DevOps, understanding your current gaps is crucial so you can close them. This afternoon you will learn how to make this shift in DevOps happen with the APMA Framework, which easily engages your developers, set them the right priorities, and spend less time on fixes, so that they can create world-changing secure applications.

With comprehensive application security testing in your software development pipelines, you’re avoiding unnecessary risk to your organization and your customer base. What your organization doesn’t need is multiple point solutions, uncorrelated and inaccurate results, or complex testing. We will show you how to shift everywhere with a unified AppSec platform for DevOps and developers.

And, what about your insecure APIs that are going into production, and which are operating outside the purview of existing protection mechanisms? To actually reduce API security risk, organizations need a holistic API security strategy that spans the entire API lifecycle. This begins by shifting left.

Software supply chain security is rapidly gaining unwelcome notoriety as high-impact breaches hit the headlines. Understand the software supply chain attack landscape; how you need to think about open source in this environment; where SBOM compliance fits and where more robust policies might be needed, and what we believe the industry must do to mitigate this risk.

We will also present how to make web applications safe by developing a complementary solution that maps your entire digital supply chain, and analyzes each component’s ‘WWWs (Which, What, Where). By asking these questions for every single digital website asset, one comprehensive platform is able to eliminate the ever-growing third-party security risks that threaten your business.

See the detailed program below for each of the topics. Will we see you on the 19th September? Allocate the time slot in your agenda and reserve your seat by registering quickly.