Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Third-party risk management (TPRM) systems exhibit a breakthrough in assessment technologies by overcoming the limitations of older generation vulnerability assessment systems. They offer risk assessments of third parties through "passive scanning", eliminating the need to either deploy systems within the third-party premises or access its systems remotely. It delivers an extremely promising value proposition because the analysis is based on OSINT (open source intelligence sources), combined with shared and requested knowledge (surveys).

TPRM typically offers a broad visibility to systems outside of the enterprise perimeter. In addition to performing risk assessments of your supply chain, it also offers the option to assess the risk of your enterprise Internet footprint and cloud services usage.

The Rescana Cyber Risk Management SaaS-platform helps enterprises to remove the security team bottlenecks, accelerating business processes that require risk assessment. The user-friendly platform contains the Rescana manager, offering a multi-tenant GUI interface allowing multiple stakeholders to use the system for their specific needs.

The Rescana Benefits:

  • CSO/DPO oriented - The system is built for CSOs / DPO by people with CSO background, taking advantage of the founders’ many years of experience as security professionals, in the trenches, to produce the most effective system.
  • Comprehensive OSINT coverage - Broad coverage of intelligence sources to minimize false negatives and validate findings via multiple sources to minimize false positives
  • API integration - Quick embedment within a partner on boarding process via simple API integration
  • Software as a Service - Immediate deployment and no configuration, low TCO
  • Automatic, on-going discovery of third-parties footprint - Providing up to date risk score instantly
  • Continuous compliance tracking - with GDPR/AVG and other regulations
  • MSP ready - Perfect fit for MSPs and other service providers


Use Cases

Cyber Risk Self-Assessment of Internet Footprint

Accurate, up to date risk assessment of your company's cloud footprint​           See the solution

Partner On-Boarding

Efficient and quick Third-Party partner on-boarding​ See the solution

Ongoing Partner Risk Management

Continuous monitoring of Third-Party risks         See the solution

Regulatory Compliance Assessment

Automate Regulatory compliance enforcement​ See the solution

Cyber Risk Self-Assessment for Merger & Acquisitions

Support Merger & Acquisitions and strategic initiatives See the solution