Third Party Application Security for Websites

Reflectiz mitigates security and privacy blind spots on websites to keep online businesses safe from third-party risks and client-side threats, with no setup or installation demands. Security managers and Data Privacy Officers have the insight to discover potential data breaches.

What We Do?

The growing dependency of online businesses on third-party applications create new security blind-spots. We have a clear goal of enabling effective protection and ongoing risk mitigation against these new emerging risks.

Our automated technology provides ongoing monitoring that seamlessly protects websites from third-parties technologies, without affecting performance. Reflectiz non-intrusive SaaS solution is fully transparent and can be activated immediately, with no prior setup or installation.

A Third-Party Attack Scenario

  1. Your secure site is loading components from remote third-party servers
  2. An attacker takes control on your third-party vendors
  3. Your user data can unwillingly be leaked to an attacker by your trusted third-party vendor


What’s unique about Reflectiz’ solution?

Full Third-Party Visibility

Reflectiz provides extensive third-party inventory and robust asset management platform, all in one place, presenting extensive data of each third-party application, including its actions, networking, location, relationships and more. All with a friendly user interface and functional management capabilities.

Web Third-Party Intelligence

Reflectiz’ ability to analyze thousands of websites nonstop, produces the most up-to-date intelligence platform of web third-party risk detection, covering unfamiliar threats and malicious JS, as well as providing a global database of third-parties applications worldwide.

Dynamic Behavioral Analysis

Reflectiz uses propriety browsing capabilities, offering dynamic third-party client-side behavioral analysis. This unique examination reflects the relationship of each component and the entire third-party supply chain of the website, up to fourth and fifth parties and its in-depth action analysis.

Ongoing Protection

The Reflectiz platform produces a one-touch baseline, followed by a reoccurring monitoring process of the entire third-party inventory on your website. Our continuous analysis allows us to identify risks on your website as they happened, ensuring your organization will not be exposed to supply-chain attacks resulting from compromised installed third-parties on your website

Fully Automated Alerts

The Reflectiz platform lets you stay in control 24/7, connected to your internal SIEM/SOAR processes, with no effort from your end. Each smart alert and notification provided is automatically tagged according to the severity of each instance and includes a set of practical security guidelines for your website.

Dashboard for Compliance and Risk Management

Other than security challenges, there are also many compliance challenges. Ever since several major breaches like Magecart took place, those have been getting more and more attention of auditors and supervising authorities.

With Reflectiz you get the overview: who are the third-parties, what are they are doing with regard to security and compliance and where are they going with your data. Infomation thoroughly supporting your risk analysis.


Download the Whitepaper 'The Key Threats and Risks That Third-Parties Create to Websites'



Third Party Application Security for Websites