See our integration possibilities below.

SIEM Solutions Integrations

Conduct blue team exercises by challenging SOC teams to locate Cymulate's simulated attacks in their SIEM system. Verify that your SIEM is configured correctly and generating the appropriate events and alerts as a result of simulated cyber attacks. Plugins available for IBM and Splunk.

GRC Solutions Integrations

Import, view and utilize Cymulate breach and attack simulation (BAS) results in your enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform.

Endpoint Security Integrations

Verify that your Endpoint Detections & Response (EDR) solutions are effectively detecting and responding to threats. By using customizable or out-of the box tempaltes, SOC teams can simulate the latest threats and attack techniques including ransomware, cryptominers, trojans, worms or other types of cyber-attacks to verify that they are detected and responded to by containing them, blocking communications, or by other countermeasures. Plugins available for Microsoft, Symantec, Sentinel One and Cynet.