Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS)

Cymulate is a SaaS-based breach and attack simulation platform that makes it simple to test, measure and optimize the effectiveness of your security controls any time, all the time. With just a few clicks, Cymulate challenges your security controls by initiating thousands of attack simulations, showing you exactly where you’re exposed and how to fix it—making security continuous, fast and part of every-day activities.

Fully automated and customizable, Cymulate challenges your security controls against the full attack kill chain with thousands of simulated threats, both common and novel. Testing both internal and external defenses, Cymulate shortens test cycles, provides 360° visibility and actionable reporting, and offers a continuous counter-breach assessment technology that empowers security leaders to take a proactive approach to their cyber stance, so they can stay one step ahead of attackers. Always.

How it works

Cymulate lets you improve your security posture 24/7/365 within minutes, in just three simple steps:

1 - Simulate Attacks

Cymulate tests the strength of your security by simulating real cyber attacks across all attack vectors based on MITRE ATT&CK™. That way you can protect yourself from threats before they ever show up.

2 - Evaluate Security Controls to Identify Gaps

Get a Cymulate Risk Score and a clear report that details your up-to-the-moment security posture. Cymulate uses proven methodologies to evaluate cyber risk such as NIST, CVSS V3, and Microsoft DREAD.

3 - Remediate with Actionable Insights

Stay one step ahead of the game. Cymulate gives you direct instructions to reduce your attack surface, and makes it easy to prioritize which gaps to close first.

Key platform capabilities

  • Tests defenses against the full attack kill chain - We’ve divided the attack surface into nine vectors that can be run ‘a la carte or simultaneously to simulate a full Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Challenging both internal and external (perimeter) security controls, Cymulate’s attack simulations replicate the modus operandi of real-world threat actors in a safe manner, running the full gamut of cyber threats, from ransomware to banking Trojans, SQL injections and countless others.
  • Attack customization tailored to your needs - By easily customizing attacks to test security controls against specific threats or threat components, assessments become much more efficient and time-to-remediation is shortened.
  • KPI-friendly metrics and benchmarking - After running an assessment, a score is generated, reflecting the magnitude of potential threats to target systems or resources, with industry-specific benchmarking. Cymulate’s risk score is calculated using industry standards such as the NIST Risk Management Framework, CSVSS v3.0 Calculator, Microsoft’s DREAD and the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.
  • Comprehensive reporting and alerting - Instrumental to meeting compliance mandates and demonstrating ROI ,a technical and executive summary are generated at the end of each assessment. Alerts can be generated to notify personnel when the Cymulate Risk Score exceeds a certain threshold.

Why Cymulate?

It is a SaaS based BAS platform that deploys in minutes with only a single agent, providing unlimited attacks. Simple to use, automated or on-demand, and covering the full attack kill chain. It gives you the very latest threats simulated with a few clicks.

Try it today and see how thousands of simulated cyber attacks at your fingertips help optimizing the effectiveness of your Security Controls.


Download the Whitepaper '16 Ways BAS Increases Cybersecurity ROI'

Use Cases

Resiliency to Ransomware

Recent research among security professionals shows that 6 out of 10 companies have insufficient resilience against Ransomware. Of those who do, over 32% use automated Breach & Attack Simulation... See the solution

Immediate Threats

Today, new cyber threats surface daily and without notice, making it nearly impossible for CISOs to know for sure at any given moment that their organization is safe. New cyber threats emerge in the... See the solution

Security Controls Validation

On average, organization has 30-40 controls which make it difficult to track any network or security control changes and system updates happen frequently  And when they do, your current security... See the solution

Security Posture Assessment

Can you really answer this question: How safe are you right now?  It is estimated that in 2020, organizations worldwide will invest more than $124 billion in security solutions to... See the solution

Security Purchase Improvement

You’ve run a few attack simulations and have identified a security solution that seems to be ineffective. But how can you demonstrate that an alternative solution would improve your security... See the solution

Compliance Enablement

Organizations are required to be compliant with industry-wide privacy policies and information security regulations. Not doing so results in heavy fines, potential lawsuits, and brand damage that is... See the solution

Third Party Supply Chain Posture

In an ideal world, you would know if your business partners represent a genuine risk to your systems and data. Unfortunately, most companies today rely on questionnaires filled in by their partners... See the solution

Attack Vectors

Full Kill-Chain APT Module

Full Kill-Chain Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Are you APT Ready? Simulate. Evaluate. Remediate. See Attack Vector

Email Gateway Attack Vector

Cymulate’s Email Gateway attack vector helps you to test your corporate email security. See Attack Vector

Web Gateway Attack Vector

Cymulate’s Web Gateway Vector helps you to test your HTTP/HTTPS inbound and outbound exposure to malicious or compromised websites. See Attack Vector

Web Application Firewall Attack Vector

Cymulate’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) vector challenges your WAF security resilience to web payloads and assists in protecting your web apps from future attacks. See Attack Vector

Phishing Awareness Attack Vector

Cymulate’s Phishing Awareness vector helps you assess your employees’ awareness to socially engineered attack campaigns. See Attack Vector

Endpoint Security Attack Vector

Cymulate’s Endpoint Security vector challenges your endpoint security controls and checks whether they are properly tuned to defend you against signature and behavior-based attacks. See Attack Vector

Lateral Movement Attack Vector

Cymulate’s Lateral Movement (Hopper) vector challenges your internal networks against different techniques and methods used by attackers to gain access and control additional systems on a... See Attack Vector

Data Exfiltration Attack Vector

Cymulate’s Data Exfiltration vector challenges your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls, enabling you to assess the security of outbound critical data before your sensitive information is... See Attack Vector

Immediate Threat Intelligence Attack Vector

Cymulate’s Immediate Threat Intelligence vector helps you to test your organization’s security posture against clear and present cyberthreats. See Attack Vector


SIEM Solutions Integrations

SIEM Solutions - Conduct blue team exercises by challenging SOC teams to locate Cymulate's simulated attacks in their SIEM system. See integration

GRC Solutions Integrations

GRC Solutions Integrations - Import, view and utilize Cymulate BAS results in your enterprise GRC platform. See integration

Endpoint Security Integrations

Verify that your EDR solutions are effectively detecting and responding to threats. See integration