Continuous Attack Surface Testing

You Can't Protect What You Don’t Know

The CyCognito Continuous Attack Surface Testing (CyCAST) Platform is the industry’s first fully automated, cloud-based security testing service that simulates attackers’ reconnaissance techniques to discover security risks across global IT infrastructure, including not only server and application vulnerabilities but also software misconfigurations, authentication and encryption weaknesses, phishing threats and other risks.

The CyCAST Platform addresses the significant shortcomings of legacy security products by enabling security teams to map their entire attack surface and to identify their exposed attack vectors. Instead of relying on manual input regarding target assets, the CyCAST Platform continuously executes the reconnaissance process to discover the organization’s security blind spots, regardless of where their assets are deployed or how they are managed. Just like a real attacker, the CyCAST Platform operates utterly externally without any deployment or integration.

Security Team Benefits

The CyCAST Platform provides security teams robust benefits compared to legacy security testing services, such as Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing:

  • Global Asset Discovery Discovers not only managed assets (IPs & domains), but also unknown and unmanaged assets, cloud-based assets, 3rd-party components and abandoned environments
  • Deep Risk Analysis Detects not only CVEs, but also software misconfigurations, authentication and encryption weaknesses, sensitive data exposure, phishing threats and other risks
  • Continuous Analysis Cloud-based analytical system that operates continuously, externally and autonomously - not manual nor periodic
  • Risk-Defined Alerts Dramatically increases operational efficiency with a novel risk scoring system based on an attacker’s priorities, such as discoverability, exploitation complexity and potential impact
  • Cloud-Based Efficiency No Integration. No Overhead. 100% External.


CyCAST Platform Services

The CyCAST Platform offers a full suite of cyber risk monitoring services that are critically important to risk elimination and security operations.

  • Attack Surface Mapping Enumeration of global assets associated to an organization
  • Attack Vector Detection Prioritized list of attack vectors predicted to be used by attackers
  • Anti-Phishing Intelligence Detection of phishing risks exploitable by attackers, including stolen credentials, domain spoofing, DNS hijacking and other threats
  • Security Rating Scoring the security posture of an organization’s attack surface, including both corporate and 3rd party entities affecting the organization

You Can’t Protect What You Don’t Know