The Cyber Defense core essentials

Bringing you a different way of thinking from the attacker’s perspective to uncover and eliminate your security blind spots on a continuous basis is what you get with our effective approach for your cyber defense strategy. Our portfolio of is driving digital security convenient for use, adaptive, automated and more efficient to manage. Cyber Security validation ranging from assessment of possible security gaps to automated security platforms which provide complete 360 visibility and protection, simplified to deploy, maintain and use, as SaaS or on-premise.

The Cynet 360 security platform is designed for organizations who want enterprise-grade security with 
complete protection within the perimeter - defending endpoints, network, files and users - without the 
heavy burden of deep cyber expertise and the overhead of integrating and managing multiple products.

Cynet converges and brings synergy with technology: endpoint protection, EDR, vulnerability management, deception, threat intelligence, network and end-user analytics, and expertise: a 24/7 cyber SWAT team for incident response, malware analysis, threat hunting and forensics. 

Cynet deploys in hours with no installation or setup and simplifies management with automated monitoring to complement any sized staff.

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Cycognito’s SaaS Platform continuously maps from the outside perimeter the organization’s Attack Surface while simulating the Reconnaissance and Examination processes of sophisticated attackers across live infrastructures and network assets. Attack Surface Analysis in real-time, without any local installation or involvement required from the customer’s staff.

We enable security teams to eliminate critical attack vectors in both:

- Known AND unknown assets

- Internal AND 3rd party components

- On-premise AND cloud environments

- Software vulnerabilities AND Implementation flaws

What an attacker can see, CyCognito enables security teams to see and remediate in advance.

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Cymulate’s cyber simulation platform allows you to test your security assumptions, identify possible security gaps and receive actionable insights to improve your security posture.

It works by simulating a multi-vector, internal or external attack – which includes the very latest vulnerabilities derived from Cymulate’s research unit. The result is a comprehensive validation of your organization’s current security posture status – delivered on-demand and with a zero false positive.

The platform comprehensively exercises your defenses with the industry’s widest range of attack vectors, providing an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) simulation of your security posture at all times. Test your network’s ability to cope with pre-exploitation-stage threats in Email, Browsing, and WAF. Analyze your ability to respond to real incidents with our post-exploitation solutions as the Hopper, Endpoint and Data Exfiltration And improve awareness among employees against phishing, ransomware and other attacks.

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SIEM Security powered by AI

SIEM Security powered by AI

empow’s Security Platform is “The SIEM That Gives SIEM a Good Name”, and is up-ending the conventional approach that “more is better” by turning your existing security tools into an

abstracted security language and layer. The Platform integrates with your existing network infrastructure and enables modeling targeted defense strategies. Here’s where old SIEM systems have failed, and how empow’s Security Platform measures up:

- Wide coverage – automatically correlates security logs (no rules required)

- Proactive – powerful AI enables constant identification of new attack patterns

- Automated decision-making investigation and mitigation processes

- Reduces noise and false positive rates by an average of at least 90%

- High ROI thanks to seamless integration and virtually no maintenance costs

empow’s solution is made possible by proprietary AI technologies. The power of empow gives you the confidence of knowing your security organization is responding in the right way, every single time.

- Identifies and mitigates advanced threats missed by single (siloed) tools.

- Offers insight into which tools are performing at the highest level, and which aren't doing their job.

- Directs, automates and accelerates optimal incident response based on attack intent.

- Unlocks the untapped power of your security apparatus… while saving on SOC and security

engineering headcount.