The Cyber Defense core essentials

Using our platforms, you will be able to look at your cyber defense strategy from the attacker’s perspective. This way, you will uncover and eliminate security blind spots on a continuous basis. Our solutions make digital security user-friendly, adaptive, automated and more efficient to manage. The portfolio contains Cyber Security validation, ranging from assessment of possible security gaps, to automated security platforms that provide complete visibility and risk management. The solutions hardly require effort to deploy, maintain and use; they are available as cloud service, but where applicable also on-premise or hybrid.

Third-Party Risk Mitigation for Websites


Protect your most valuable asset - your web presence

It is the untold ‘supply chain’ challenge on websites: threats caused by third parties make you vulnerable for supply chain attacks. They cause privacy risks, dominate your brand with external code, and you virtually have no control, unless you implement our Reflectiz SaaS Solution. It offers on-going scans of your domains without any setup, installation or integration: simple, automatic and remote.  We help security and privacy teams identify threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and GDPR/CCPA privacy breaches caused by third party scripts that are installed on their websites.

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AI-gedreven Application Security Testing (AIAST)

AI powered Application Security Testing (AIAST)

Enhance DevSecOps with automated Penetration Testing

NexPloit is the world’s first AI powered Application Security Testing solution, generating its own attacks on par with a human hacker. It automates the discovery of your zero-day vulnerabilities and Business Logic Flaws in your web applications. Achieve DevSecOps with automated vulnerability detection throughout your SDLC and QA. Our platform is language and framework agnostic and can be used to scan any target, including mobile apps, APIs and the IoT. NextPloit is a cloud-based solution, requiring no costly integration or complex configuration by security staff. Simply log-in, upload, scan, or use our open API for full automation. NexPloit is the only truly false positive FREE solution. Detection, accuracy & scalability are automated!

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CYBER RISK MANAGEMENT van uw supply chain

CYBER RISK MANAGEMENT of your supply chain

Streamline your processes instantly

Remove the security team bottlenecks and accelerate business processes that require risk assessments. Using our Rescana SaaS platform, you get an up to date risk score instantly for any third party, automatic on-going discovery of their footprint and continuous compliance tracking with GDPR and other regulatory standards and your own policy. Immediate deployment without configuration, scalable to any enterprise size, and multi-tenant dashboards. Built for CSO / DPO, a perfect fit for MSPs and quick partner on-boarding via simple API integration. Accurately assess the risk of your cloud footprint.

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Simply know you’re secure

Improve your security posture 24/7 within minutes. Verify if your SOC or incident response team can detect and respond to APT attacks, (Blue Team exercise) and if your SIEM generates the appropriate events and alerts. If you do this using pen-testing, external red teams or other alternatives, the report is already outdated by the time you receive it. Using Cymulate, improving your security posture only takes minutes. You are informed about your security posture and compliance on demand instead of only once a year, and will find out how operationally effective your security technologies are. We enable you to launch automated simulations of cyber-attacks against yourself with this cloud based platform, help you discover immediately security gaps and suggest mitigation guidelines to close each one. It is the only Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) solution simulating the full attack kill chain.

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The Cynet 360 security platform is designed for organizations who want enterprise-grade security with 
complete protection within the perimeter - defending endpoints, network, files and users - without the 
heavy burden of deep cyber expertise and the overhead of integrating and managing multiple products.

Cynet converges and brings synergy with technology: endpoint protection, EDR, vulnerability management, deception, threat intelligence, network and end-user analytics, and expertise: a 24/7 cyber SWAT team for incident response, malware analysis, threat hunting and forensics. 

Cynet deploys in hours with no installation or setup and simplifies management with automated monitoring to complement any sized staff.

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Intent-Based SIEM empowered by Elastic

Intent-Based SIEM empowered by Elastic

Go beyond the big rules problem

Traditional SIEMs are based upon two things, what was seen or known from the past (baseline) and/or what would you like to see for compliance. It will generate alerts on anomalies, but creating the correlation rules is an intensive and long process. Moreover, an alert will not always mean an attack or indicate what kind of attack is performed. The challenge is to be proactive and search for the malicious motivation of the attacker, or “attacker intent’”. With empow’s unique “rules-free” SIEM technology, integrated within Elastic’s database and search capabilities, we deliver the most effective SIEM in the market that based upon AI connects the dots for you. The integrated solution provides medium to large enterprises and service providers a scalable security-optimized “data lake” solution. Do you feel your SIEM is underutilized? Are you planning to deploy a SIEM or bring outsourced back in?

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